Hey, I'm Troy...

...and I make things.

This is me. I look like this.

I'm glad you could make it. Peruse my wares* and send me a letter if you're so inclined.

I only accept bottlecaps as currency, sorry... (I'm kidding)

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Plvylist: Using Media Element API

I wanted to learn web audio, specifically the Media Element API. At first it was daunting and made no sense, but I realized it wasn't so bad after all.

An Abandoned Website

We've all come across an abandoned website that was left to wither away and never be thought about again. Well, what if it actually looked that way too?

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Cool Projects

These are only some of my projects, but I have more. Want to see them?

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I Also Have Music

When I’m not coding, maybe I'm writing. My friends and I started Front Royal with the desire to make a name for ourselves, and I started troy. to explore a new outlet.

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