Me holding my guitar on stage
Musician, engineer, and loading....

Hey, I'm Troy...

I'm glad you could make it, please peruse my wares*. I'm a developer and musician based in Baltimore who is interested in privacy, OSS, and making the web a more accessible place. Oh, and a community organizer for charmCityJs, a JavaScript meetup. I also like long walks on the beach, but can't stand getting sand everywhere.

I'm currently listening to elevator music.

You may view my résumé if you'd like. It's updated about as often as anyone else's (YMMV), but it looks nice and prints well. You can also contact me directly.

See what I'm doing on GitHub or follow me on Mastodon.

This website is made with Eleventy and I change it often.

*I only accept bottle caps as currency, sorry... (I'm kidding)


    In a strange turn of events where I made zero changes to my code, my serverless functions suddenly stopped working, until now.

    From the post How to Fix Eleventy Serverless Functions on Netlify, published Tue, 03 Oct 2023.

    Write your own blog using my words as your language model.

    From the post TroyGPT, published Sun, 30 Apr 2023.

    I want the web to be fun again.

    From the post Website Cheatcodes, published Sat, 22 Apr 2023.

    Have you ever noticed how people reach for a drink at the same time?

    From the post Simultaneous Drinking, published Tue, 18 Apr 2023.

    What started as me tracking all my migraines became a mini framework.

    From the post I Made a Headache Tracker Starter Kit, published Thu, 16 Feb 2023.


  1. Vuedoku

    Play Sudoku and challenge your friends.

  2. Guitar Tuner

    A simple guitar (or whatever stringed instrument) tuner.

  3. Gonk

    Send Honks with Gonk! I won't explain that any further, so check it out for yourself.

  4. TroyGPT

    Write a blog using my words as the LLM.


Psst... I made this music player.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Secret Konami Code
Secret Green, Red, Green, Yellow, Green, Blue, Green, Orange, Tilt

Bet you weren't expecting these to exist, huh?