Hey, I'm Troy...

...this is a website.

A picture of me holding my guitar

I'm glad you could make it. Peruse my wares* and send me a letter if you're so inclined.

I only accept bottlecaps as currency, sorry... (I'm kidding)

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I Don't Have A Podcast

It may seem like all your friends are starting podcasts - and you hate FOMO - but humor me for a minute.

Plvylist Version 3

I recently updated Plvylist (again). It's less opinionated and handles your tracks better.


There is such thing as putting too much effort into making something the best it can be.

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Latest Projects

This only some of what I've been up to, but you can see everything else I've been doing too.

I Also Have Music

When I’m not coding, maybe I'm writing. My friends and I started Front Royal with the desire to make a name for ourselves, and I started troy. to explore a new outlet.

Peek That Music

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You can probably find it on my about page.