Hey, I'm Troy...

...and I make things.

My Blog

Everyone's got a blog these days, and I've always stayed away from making my own.

Then I started thinking about bigger and better projects and realized a blog is a great way to showcase those.

Watch Me Design My Site In Real Time

Netlify opened the door to branch deploys and that's changed my development process for the better. Watch me make this site better in real time!

Finding New In The Old

In 2013, I took a beginner's music theory course in college. Seven years later, I dug up the song in its digital form and gave it new life.

My Projects

These are some of my favorite projects, but I have many more. Take a look!

Screenshot of my project Random Quote Generator
Random Quote Generator
Bandcamp recreation built using React.js
Bandcamp w/ React
Screenshot of my project Pomodoro Clock
Pomodoro Clock

My Music

When I’m not building a new web project, you can hear me working on a band project.

My friends and I started Front Royal with the desire to make a name for ourselves.

I started troy. at a time when I felt the need to explore a whole new outlet.

My Contact

Take a look around, and if you like what you see then feel free to contact me.