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I Don't Have A Podcast

It may seem like all your friends are starting podcasts - and you hate FOMO - but humor me for a minute.

Are all your friends starting podcasts? Does that make you never want to start your own? Proclaim your dedication to never start your own podcast.

That's the first line of text you'll find on I Don't Have A Podcast. I started said website after a night of talking podcasts and how overwhelming the podcast landscape is.

You can find a podcast for literally everything you could ever want. Maybe it feels like you should start your own podcast. But here's the thing: you can be a podcast lover and not host your own podcast.

Show your determination to never start your own podcast to the public. Pick the side of never-podcasters and don't contribute to the saturation. Fill out the form on the site and your name (or whatever name you give me) will be added to the list.

Disclaimer: I love podcasts and am not advocating for people to stop doing what they love, but I also happen to think it is funny to sign a petition announcing that you'll never start your own podcast out of spite.


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