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Plvylist is on npm

I finally got around to publishing Plvylist on npm. Isn't that great?

npm i plvylist

That's all you need to do to use Plvylist in your own projects now. This is my first time publishing a package to npm so, uh, hopefully it works! I promise I did a test of adding it to a Vite + Vue project before writing this post and it worked out. Here's the code I used for said test:

// src/App.vue
<script setup>
import 'plvylist/dist/plvylist-component'

<plvylist-player tracks="tracks.json"></plvylist-player>

Running npm run dev produced the expected result of Plvylist all alone in my app. Finger's crossed it's that straightforward for other use cases, but please submit any bugs to the repo's issues.


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