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Practicing Restraint

Trying to teach myself that not every project needs to be completed.

I decided to try and refactor Plvylist using Lit the other day. This is the second time I've attempted such a project. The first time was a mistake because I had no prior experience using Lit and I barely understood how my own web component worked to begin with. I've been working with Lit a lot at my current position at TRP, and with time to kill waiting for a flight home I figured I'd make another attempt. "How hard could it be?" I thought. It turns out, still as hard as it was before. Trying to transition this component into Lit truly shines light on a lot of underlying problems with its structure.

On one hand, I view those problems as good problems to have since the nuances and errors show me how fragile the component is and force me to rethink how data is handled and passed. On the other hand, it feeds this inner desire of mine to fix everything at once and immediately. I have a hard time of putting things down when I'm so intent on finishing them. It's a legitimate problem and I'm trying to be aware of it when it happens. This project is one where I'm aware of a few things now:

  1. How long it will take me: too long,
  2. The level of effort: too much,
  3. The impact it will have: minimal.

Changing Plvylist like this serves a single person: me. Even then, it doesn't solve any real problems I have. I'm hoping that by writing this down, I can suppress that obession to finish what I started and convince myself it isn't worth the time and effort.


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