Being Filmed In Public

Filming strangers in the name of content has its limits.

I read this article from The Verge - "Please don't film me in 2023" - and would also like to not be filmed for content without my consent.

In one of the examples, it took a creepier path where being filmed and posted online unknowingly about something innocuous led to a stranger online identifying and notifying the subject.

This quote from the article compares the TikTok format to other recognizable examples:

The man-on-the-street genre is a well-worn format — before Billy Eichner was writing and starring in movies, he was bothering normal, unsuspecting people about La La Land. Journalists have long used the form to get first-hand accounts and opinions for news hits. In the case of more professional operations, there’s likely at least some level of getting permission, whether that’s having subjects sign release forms or identifying clearly who’s filming and why. In the case of random TikTok creators, it’s clear the level of consent and notice runs the gamut.

One of my favorite shows is Impractical Jokers. This topic of making strangers uncomfortable for entertainment comes up when discussing the show and I'll admit I don't know the ins and outs of TV show production. But I like to think there's still more care being taken to making sure permission is granted and it's not done in ill will than the average viral video of the same format.


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