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I Made a Headache Tracker Starter Kit

What started as me tracking all my migraines became a mini framework.

I've been getting migraines my whole life, but only started keeping a regular log of them in 2019. The process went through many iterations: from as a spreadsheet, to tracked in Migraine Buddy, to a JSON file on a single HTML page, to Markdown files in Obsidian, to now Markdown files in a repository hooked up to Vite, Lit, and data visualization libraries.

I'm calling it Aura Log, named after the aura associated with migraines like mine. Key features include:

  • Vite, web components, and cool charts.
  • Streamlined logging process through plop.
  • (almost) Full customization in a single config file.

The idea to open it up came last weekend after a conversation at work, and I thought I might make it an npm package with binaries and all the bells and whistles of a mini framework... then I realized I don't want to make a framework. I settled on this config file-based starter kit because it is simpler, and people could fork it and extend/customize it all they want.

The process looks something like this:

  1. Fork and clone the repo.
  2. npm install.
  3. npm run log starts an interactive CLI to create a new entry (Markdown file) by answering a short prompts.
  4. That file is saved to a folder that Vite reads to parse the front matter which all together make up the global data store.
  5. npm start goes through the steps of reading, transforming, and rendering an index.html with web components of D3 and Highcharts.

The components are fairly restrictive, but that's only because they fit exactly my needs only. Anyone can feel free to fork and customize as they see fit.

Check it out!


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  1. birnim birnim
    @rest> be me> start reading your blog post> npm install> this gave me a migraine as well

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