Write your own blog using my words as your language model.

Need a blog post right now? Look no further! I made a web component called word-salad. The way it works is you give it a set of words and it gives you a new set of words. You can ask it for single words mashed up into a mess, or full sentences generated from single words to create a multi-mess.

I'm here to help you write your next blog post in my voice as I've already supplied word-salad with every word from all my blogs. Is it useful? Absolutely not. Does it write anything that sounds at all coherent? You wish. Will it almost certainly spit out Nunjucks code and a few stray HTML artifacts? You bet, and that's because I don't know regular expressions well enough to replace all that stuff.

Isn't AI great?


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Keyboard Shortcuts

Secret Konami Code
Secret Green, Red, Green, Yellow, Green, Blue, Green, Orange, Tilt

Bet you weren't expecting these to exist, huh?