How to Fix Eleventy Serverless Functions on Netlify

In a strange turn of events where I made zero changes to my code, my serverless functions suddenly stopped working, until now.

I started receiving this error on my site when trying to view a page generated with an Eleventy Serverless function:

Error - Cannot find module '/var/task/netlify/functions/teapot/eleventy-serverless-map.json' Require stack: - /var/task/node_modules/@11ty/eleventy/src/Serverless.js - /var/task/node_modules/@11ty/eleventy/src/Eleventy.js - /var/task/netlify/functions/teapot/index.js - /var/task/teapot.js - /var/runtime/index.mjs

It's referencing a specific function of mine - teapot - but the general message is there: Netlify couldn't find something and thus it broke. This error impacted both my serverless pages.

I hadn't made any changes to my site in a few weeks because life has been busy, so I know it couldn't have been triggered on my end as a result of bad code or an upgrade or anything.

So, I checked the Eleventy Discord server to see if someone else has seen this. It turns out people have and there's a solution! Add the following snippet to your netlify.toml configuration file:

						# Directory could be different for you
						directory = "netlify/functions/"
						node_bundler = "zisi"

I don't know what zisi is but adding that line fixed by functions.


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