I Don't Have A Podcast

It may seem like all your friends are starting podcasts - and you hate FOMO - but humor me for a minute.

Plvylist Version 3

I recently updated Plvylist (again). It's less opinionated and handles your tracks better.


There is such thing as putting too much effort into making something the best it can be.

Screen Names

I think far too much about the use of screen names and usernames.

Plvylist: Using Media Element API

I wanted to learn web audio, specifically the Media Element API. At first, it was daunting and made no sense, but I realized it wasn't so bad after all.

An Abandoned Website

We've all come across an abandoned website that was left to wither away and never be thought about again. Well, what if it actually looked that way too?

NotSocial: A Social Media Revolution

Social media is overwhelming, which is why I quit using a lot of it, but that didn't stop me from creating my own app where I can enjoy it all alone.

Finding New In The Old

In 2013, I took a beginner's music theory course in college. Seven years later, I dug up the song in its digital form and gave it new life.

Creating The Front Royal Website, Part 2

I created the first draft of the Front Royal band site, but had to make some changes to the original design after realizing my mockups were too small in reality...