Front Royal (The Band, Not The Town)

When we decided to take the plunge and have a website of our own, I signed myself up to make it. It gave me the opportunity to try some new things out and I'm proud of the result.

Built With: HTML, CSS, JS.

Hosted On: Netlify.

Pang: A New Type of Social Media

You ever wish you had a social media platform that didn't consume your life, but still gave you entertainment? Look no further than Pang.

Built With: Nuxt.

Hosted On: Netlify.


What if a website, left to wither away and be forgotten, actually looked abandoned over time?

Built With: Hugo (HTML, CSS, JS).

Hosted On: Netlify.

Experiments & More

Here are some of the things I've made. From responsive design to JavaScript frameworks to Jamstack, I'm always creating new things. You could say I'm kinda just winging it.

Screenshot of my project Barchart using d3.js
D3.js Barchart
Screenshot of my project Scatterplot using d3.js
D3.js Scatterplot
Screenshot of my project Heatmap using d3.js
D3.js Heatmap
Screenshot of my project Choropleth using d3.js
D3.js Choropleth
Screenshot of my project Treemap using d3.js
D3.js Treemap
Screenshot of my project Random Quote Generator
React Quote Generator
Screenshot of my project Drum Machine
React Drum Machine
Screenshot of my project JavaScript Calculator
React Calculator
Screenshot of my project Markdown Previewer
React Markdown Previewer
Screenshot of my project Pomodoro Clock
React Pomodoro Clock
Screenshot of my project Tribute Page
Tribute Page
Screenshot of my project Breakfast Survey
Breakfast Survey
Screenshot of my project Product Landing Page
Product Landing Page
Screenshot of my project Technical Documentation
Technical Documentation
Screenshot of my project Personal Portfolio
Personal Portfolio

View More On CodePen

I create even more projects (and see what I can do without breaking anything) over on CodePen.

Big Data

I enjoy tracking random parts of my life, such as my migraines or how my Spotify listening habits change with the season.

Screenshot of my a graph of my 2019 Migraine Calendar
2019 Migraine Calendar
More Coming Soon...


My work with building and designing marketing emails are the reason I got into coding. They're a pain to work with, but fun to look at. Here are two templates I use in my own designs.

Screenshot of a classic email template
Classic Template
Screenshot of a simple email template
Simple Template

Video Editing

I occasionally edit videos for fun. Here are two times I secretly took over the Front Royal band vlog.

Screenshot from my first real vlog
Vlog Takeover #1
Screenshot from my second real vlog
Vlog Takeover #2